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Laser cutting for trophy

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Tue, 05/16/2023 - 07:38

Laser cutting for trophy


MAD-SPORT presents a new line of products: LASER CUTTING WOODEN ARTICLES

In recent times, wood has become the preferred material for the manufacture of trophies since it is an ecological and sustainable material that, when managed responsibly, reduces environmental impact.



The wooden medal is becoming more and more popular due to its unique appearance (highly customizable) and ecological and sustainable character.

We have in stock two types of standardized medals in diameter 80 mm

Oak, special to customize with laser marking and digital printing.

White sublimation finish (face) and oak (reverse), prepare for sublimation and perfect for obtaining very intense colors with UVI printing.

We can manufacture your medal; with the shape and size you want.



Rounded corners for laser marking and UVI printing. Available in three sizes, it is a very economical option.

Parchment shape for sublimation, available in three sizes. Parchment is the ideal choice for diplomas and commemorative acts. You can complement them with a quality matte black finish base that gives the product a greater presence.

Cup shaped manufactured with sublimation with a special oval base for, available in three sizes and with the option of complementing it with a quality oval base in a matte black finish.



We manufacture wooden packaging adjusting to your needs in terms of measurements and marking.

In addition, we have several standardized options, a case for plaques and shields in several sizes and a case for medals (useful measurement 130x130mm).

We also provide you with foam or felt beds (red or blue) for the inside of the case where you can fit your product, giving it a great presence.



The combination of different types of wood such as solid wood (pine or beech) and varnished wood gives rise to a remarkable product due to its appearance.

We await your design, and we will manufacture your trophy according to your needs.




We incorporate into our catalog wooden supports for shields, plaques, and trays. In ecological oak finish and piano finish.

In addition, we have designed a simple base for medals, in an ecological oak finish that allows the medal to be displayed on a desktop.