Corporate information

Business activity

Our main activity is the manufacture of varnished wood articles (with medium density fibreboard mainly) for the trophy, gift, advertising and signaling sectors. We provide our customers with a wooden base that gives a support, enhancing and giving visibility to items such as a trophy, a figure, a badge, an emblem, a commemorative plaque, a sign or signage plaque and many other possibilities.

In addition to the manufacture of these wooden bases, we commercialize other types of products that complement the items we produce, which are metal plates and cases. The cases are the complement that allows to give a great presence of your product at the time of delivery. The wide variety of metal plaques that we offer allows our customers to create their own commemorative plaque because there are more than 1000 possibilities to choose from combining wood, metal and case.

Our greatest strength is based on the productive capacity we have, we can manufacture large quantities in a very short period of time with the best quality. To this we must add the fact of the catalog items that we have in our warehouse regulator and allows us to serve orders in 24h.

History and trajectory

The activity of our company started 50 years ago in a small workshop based in Zaragoza focused mainly on the manufacture of furniture.

During the 80s we left aside this sector and we oriented ourselves to the production of a small-sized piece destined mostly to the trophy sector.

At the beginning of the 90s we continue to grow in this sector and we introduce ourselves in others. The national demand and the beginning of international operations force us to change of location, initially to a warehouse of Cuarte de Huerva and later to our current facilities with more than 3000 m2 in Maria de Huerva.

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