Solutions and services

We manufacture wooden articles for use as support and enhancement of the products that our customers manufacture or market. We also provide packaging solutions and products for engraving and personalization.

Our products are used as a complement in very diverse sectors although we could group them in the trophy, gift, advertising and signaling sector.


Mainly for sports and cultural trophies. Our pedestals and bases enhance the cup or figure in an exceptional way.

Commemorative plaques and shields are very popular products. Delivered as recognition of a professional work, a date designated as a retirement, wedding .... The wide variety of wood plaques that we produce together with the metal plaques and cases that we market makes available a wide range of options to choose from.

Gift sector

Many of our customers are small manufacturers and craftsmen. They work with materials such as ceramics, bronze, resin, zamack ... Our wooden bases and plaques serve as base, enhancing their magnificent creations.

Advertising sector

Other manufacturers create products to promote different brands. These items for advertising purposes are complemented with our wood giving it an original look.

Signaling and hostelry industry

We have large wooden plaques to use as a support for posters or directories, as well as plaques for the signage of flats and houses. Our pedestals are also widely used in catering as a basis for menu portages.

Standard and special manufacturing

Most of our sales are products that we have standardized. They are items that we have manufactured and stored, in this way we can give a quick service to our customers. However, part of our production is pieces of wood made to measure according to the needs of the client. Our production term in these cases is 10 to 12 working days.

Our experience will help us advise you which is your best option when choosing your wooden base.