We have over 3000 m2 dedicated to the design, manufacture, storage and commercialization of our products in our facilities of Maria de Huerva (Zaragoza, Spain).

Raw materials warehouse

A very important part of our facilities is dedicated to safe and efficient storage of our raw materials given the risk involved in the use of wood and varnishes.


Our factory is divided into three large sections:

  • Cutting section: one of the first operations in the manufacture is to section the boards to transform them into small pieces of wood.
  • Design and molding section: equipped with numerical control machinery, milling machines, sanders... we make the shapes and moldings of the pieces according to the requirements of our customers.
  • Varnishing section: the finishing section is equipped with varnishing booths, line with varnishing and drying robot where we give color to the products. This is a very important process in the production chain, in addition to the varnishing of the pieces at this time we perform a quality control and pack the pieces that go to the finished product warehouse.

Numerical control of MAD-SPORT products

Gabbiani of MAD-SPORT

Sander of MAD-SPORT


Finished product warehouse and logistics

In our warehouse we have more than 1,000 references ready to be sent to our customers. In addition to storage, this area is where our logistics staff is responsible for the preparation of orders and their shipping to both the domestic and international markets. Our objective is to offer an agile and fast service to our clients.

MAD-SPORT warehouse

MAD-SPORT bagger

Sectioning machine of MAD-SPORT