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Wood for police and military associations

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Wed, 04/22/2020 - 09:28

Wood for police and military associations

MAD-SPORT presents its line of wooden articles specially designed for the creation of products aimed at police and military associations. We offer a wide variety of wooden supports for the placement of shields, emblems, medals, distinctions and decorations.



They are wooden desktop supports with inclination giving a better appearance to the product. Available in round, oval and rectangular format to place the shield on top and a small plate on its base. They can be found in the colours mahogany, black and white.



Representing a shield and in different shapes, colours and sizes, it is the typical product to hang on the wall and place a shield or emblem on it. As a novelty we have aluminium plates for laser marking and sublimation with the same shape of wood, a very practical and economical option to present this product.


EcoFriendly columns

Natural pine or beech wood base suitable for laser marking a shield and a text as a dedication. Available in 5 sizes.

Environmentally friendly product, PEFC certified wood.



Wood in the shape of the country or region requested. We have in stock the map of Spain and all regions. We can manufacture on request the map of your country or region. Available in various formats and finishes.


Commemorative plaques

Perfect product for a dedication. In our catalogue you can find more than 500 models combining our woods with the different aluminium or silver-plated brass plates. Available for laser marking, pantograph, digital printing, transfer and sublimation.


Of all the showed products we have cases for a better presentation of the article.