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Mad Sport in C! Print 2018

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Fri, 10/05/2018 - 13:18

Mad Sport in C! Print

The fifth edition of C! Print, the international exhibition of personalization and printing, took place in Madrid on 25, 26 and 27 September. During the three days of the event, Mad Sport was present with a complete stand in which we presented our products to anyone who could come to visit us.

This show was born not many years ago as a reflection of the C! Print fair held in Lyon, France, in 2008. The Madrid edition has been held for five years and, given the success of all the calls, you can say that it is consolidating as one of the most relevant international events in the field of image, personalization and printing.

Along with us were more than 250 colleagues from different parts of the world. All together we occupied the space of two floors and a mezzanine of the fairground of the Casa de Campo in which there were spaces reserved for the celebration of professional meetings, workshops or conferences. The agenda of activities was quite extensive, so we could pay attention to the different developments that affect our work, as well as see the reality of the sector, its present and its immediate future.

But above all, we were able to have direct contact with our customers, both current and potential ones. Our stand received a large number of visitors interested in our woodworking as a visual element and our different packaging solutions. As usual, our work received a very good reception and, at the end of the show, the good feeling that he left in us was evident.

Once this year's edition is finished, the evaluation is positive. Both for an event each year more successful as for the feeling of having invested time in a good way and returning home with the work done correctly.

We hope to repeat the experience during the sixth edition of C! Print. Meanwhile, we look forward to the rest of the events that we plan to attend. The next one will be Eurotrophex 2018, the international fair of the trophy that will be held in Berlin on November 3 and 4.